Goulburn Rail Heritage Centre

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Goulburn Rail Heritage Centre
Goulburn Roundhouse Museum Turntable.jpg
Established 1989

12 Braidwood Road

New South Wales Australia
Coordinates 34°46′26″S 149°42′43″E / 34.773883°S 149.711852°E / -34.773883; 149.711852Coordinates: 34°46′26″S 149°42′43″E / 34.773883°S 149.711852°E / -34.773883; 149.711852
Type Railway museum
Nearest car park On site
Website Official Site

The Goulburn Roundhouse was saved from demolition by the Goulburn Locomotive Roundhouse Preservation Society.[1]

The roundhouse is now run as Goulburn Rail Heritage Centre, a museum open to the public with large collection of rolling stock and various exhibits, as well as privately owned locomotives and carriages.[2]


Following the completion of the first railway from Sydney to Parramatta Junction in 1855, proposals for the first railways to the rest of NSW included a line to the inland centre of Goulburn. A single line from Marulan to Goulburn opened on 27 May 1869.[3]

Associated railway structures at Goulburn included the goods shed (1868), the carriage shed (1869), engine shed (1869), a coal stage, water pump, turntable, and the Station Master’s residence (1870)[4]

The Roundhouse was constructed of brick and corrugated iron in 1918 with a 90-foot electrically operated turntable.

Museum exhibits[edit]

The Museum has a collection of railway locomotives, carriages, wagons and other railway equipment including:

Steam Locomotives
No Description Manufacturer Year Location Status Ref
1072 70T accident crane Craven Brothers 1929 Goulburn stored [5]
1076 0-6-0T Tank Engine Vulcan Foundry 1884 Goulburn under restoration

(formerly 1804)

2419 2-6-0 goods Dübs and Company 1891 Goulburn static exhibit Locomotive, Steam 2419
3085 4-6-4T passenger Eveleigh Railway Workshops 1912 Goulburn static exhibit NSW Locomotive, Steam 3085
5908 2-8-2 goods Baldwin Locomotive Works 1952 Goulburn static exhibit Locomotive, Steam 5908
5916 2-8-2 goods Baldwin Locomotive Works 1952 Goulburn sectioning proposed

Other Locomotives

  • 48 Class diesel locomotive 4821 (operational)
  • General Electric Bo-Bo L80T diesel locomotive D1 (under restoration)
  • Clyde Engineering Co-Co GM12 Class diesel locomotive GM19 (owned by RailPower)



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Further reading[edit]

  • Australian Railway Heritage Guide, Robert McKillop, Sydney: ARHS NSW, 2010 

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