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NSWGR 3237 (Lachlan)
Locomotive 3237.jpg
3237 Leads shuttles during Taree Rail Centenary
Type and origin
Power type Steam
Builder Beyer, Peacock & Co.
Configuration 4-6-0
UIC class 2′C
Gauge Standard
Length 18.4 metres
Loco & tender weight 105.5 tonnes fully loaded
Fuel type Coal and water
Fuel capacity 9.652 tonnes
Water cap 16,425 litres
Boiler pressure 160psi
Cylinders Two, outside
Operators NSWGR
Class P,
C32 from 1924
Numbers P 508,
3237 from 1924
Official name Lachlan
Locale Australia
First run 26 February 1893
Disposition Lachlan Valley Railway

Locomotive 3237 is a two-cylinder, simple, non-condensing, coal-fired, superheated, ‘Ten-wheel’ 4-6-0 express passenger steam locomotive. It is one of the four P class (later C32 class) locomotives that were preserved.

In Service[edit]

3237 was built in the United Kingdom by Beyer Peacock & Co in 1892 and came into service in Australia on the 26th of February, 1893. the Loco was originally numbered P 508 but became 3237 in the NSWGR 1924 renumbering scheme. The loco worked mainline runs around NSW, while its original use was as a passenger express locomotive, it was also used for light freight. For the last part of its working career 3237 was based at Dubbo's locomotive depot,[1] alongside 3102T now preserved in Canberra. 3237's last duties were to work reclamation trains and as a yard shunter in Dubbo. The loco was withdrawn on 1 November 1971. Its last day in steam for the NSWGR was 3 November 1971, when it was sent light engine from Dubbo to Enfield for storage.[2] In its 78 years of revenue service, from 26 February 1892 to 1 November 1971, 3237 ran a total of 2,225,224 miles.[3]


3237 was stored at Enfield roundhouse for three years before being moved twice. The first move was to Parkes, on 22 October 1974, in a three loco light engine movement, comprising 6042 (in steam) + 3237 (dead) + 3026T (in steam), as exhibits for the Lachlan Vintage Village at Forbes. It was later moved to Cowra's semi-roundhouse, the home of the Lachlan Valley Railway which purchased 3237 from the Lachlan Vintage Village.

The loco was dismantled during the 1980s for a lengthy overhaul which included a new front tube-plate. The overhaul was completed with 3237's return to steam in mid-2005.[4] During a north coast tour in 2012 the locomotive sustained a mechanical issue and had to be taken out of service. It was repaired in Taree. Ten months later 3237 re-entered service for the LVR on the weekend of 11 & 12 May 2013 on shuttles for Taree Rail Centenary. 3237 is currently located at Eveleigh railway workshops as of November 2013. Minor running repairs commenced January 2014, 3237 returning to service in mid 2014. Through the end of 2014, 3237 partnered up with 5917 with successful running weekends at Richmond, Valley Heights and a trip to Cootamundra.


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