Govindpur, Bihar

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The name Govindpur is designated by the name Govind means shree krishna.this place is considered as a village but actually it is moderate area between village and town,situated in the west bank of river Shankari and it is about 22 km away from district nawada via baksoti and about 35 km away from nawada via akbarpur. The top view of this place will give you greenaries and it looks like that it is situated in the center of forest. Sarkanda is the nearest foresty village. Govindpur is a block as well as vidhansabha constituency. By democratic manner MRS.PRANITA GUPTA was selected as the first sarpanch of Govindpur in panchayat election 2005.

Sakri river[edit]

In the rainy season, the river be flooded but there is no loss of village and villagers by this river but this is also true that there is no benefit of this river. In rainy season village looks more beautiful than any other season. Because all the forests are covered with green grass and tree.

The total population of this village is about 4000. In this village there are many cast’s people are living. Some are - Koyri, Yadav, Rajvanshi, Passi, and also musahar. In past time, there was very importance of cast and religious. But in present the time has changed, now all people of different casts are living together except of some house quarrel. Delhua is a part of Govindpur block. Govindpur is the main market of this village. It is 3 km far from Delhua and it is situated on the other side of Sakri river. Normally whole year villagers go there for marketing. But in rainy season they face a lot of problem because in rainy season the river is being covered with full water. so they can’t cross this. In other word, in rainy season there is no connection of post office and police station with the village. This village is also affected from Naksal. In rainy season, there is being more activities of Naksal because in rainy season there is no connection of police station with village. But there is no effects on villagers. There is also a Dam. It is very old. It is 1 km far from village near pipra village.


Delhua is located at Coordinates: 24.797222, 85.653889, +24° 47' 51.00", +85° 39' 15.89" It has an average elevation of 80 metres (262 feet). Kakolat Fall, a waterfall in Bihar is 15 km far from the village. Many people come here from different places in India for picnics in the summer season.



Dhan, Gehun, Maka, Chana, Mungfali, Gana and Sarson are main crops of this village.


In the past years there were many garden. But time to time counting of tree and garden decreased and this time there are only few gardens are remaining. But some peoples are fighting till now for being greenry. This is a backward village. There is no electricity and road till now. Because government never take interest in this area. Students study in the light of lalten and other source. Behind all this condition, government is. Because till now government ignoring this area.


But now villagers are standing own self. Many teen agers are going to other developed state like Haryana, Maharastra, Punjab. They are working there and earning money. The effects shows direct on this village. In past years there were kache makan but at present you will see only few are. It means village is on developing way without government help.


There are four temples in this village. They are Hanuman mandir, Durga mandir, Madaf mandir, and a famous shiv mandir. Every year on the occasion of Dusehra there is organise a mela. Many people come there and enjoy. Shiv mandir is very famous in this village. It is situated on a top of forest that is murli pahad. Murli Pahad is the name of forest. On this forest there is no tree and grass so named muril pahad. This forest has an important point that is, you can find many Scorpio when you put up the stone of this forest. In this village you can find many type of snakes also example:- krait, gehuan, dhaman and many more. The Harhor snake is very famous but you can see them in only rainy season. This snake generally will not hurt any one. The appearance of this snake is very beautiful. Even children play with them.

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