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Grade may refer to:

  • Grading (education), a teacher's evaluation of a student's performance in class
  • Grade level, Educational stage, the numbering of the year a student has reached in school
  • Grade (music), a method of formally assessing the accomplishments of pupils learning musical instruments

In civil engineering, construction, and geosciences[edit]

  • Grade (slope), the angle of a slope such as a hill, road or railway
  • Grade level, the top of the ground
  • Grading (engineering), the preparation and leveling of land for construction, especially of roads and railways
  • Grade separation, aligning a junction of two or more transport axes at different heights to facilitate traffic flow
  • Graded bedding, a description of the variation in grain size through a bed in a sedimentary rock
  • Grades and standards, a rating of lumber (timber) quality and strength

In mathematics[edit]

In measurement and quality control[edit]

  • Grade (angle), a unit for the measurement of plane angles
  • Ore grade, a measure that describes the concentration of a valuable natural material in the surrounding ore
  • Grade (fasteners), the grade of nuts and bolts refers to the strength and material
  • Cetane rating, a measure of diesel fuel's combustion quality
  • Octane rating, also called gasoline grade, the measure of the autoignition resistance of gasoline (petrol) and other fuels used in spark-ignition internal combustion engines
  • Grading (tumors), a measure of the aggressiveness of a tumor in medicine
  • Grade (climbing), a climber's assessment of the difficulty and danger of climbing a hill
  • Grade (bouldering), a climber's assessment of the difficulty and danger of climbing a route which are distinct from those used in regular climbing
  • International Scale of River Difficulty, also called grade, a standardized scale used to rate the safety of a stretch of river, or a single rapid
  • Grade of service, the quality of voice service in telecommunications
  • Coin grading, the process of determining the grade or condition of a coin, the key factor in its value
  • Pattern grading, the scaling of a pattern to a different size in the clothing or footwear industry

In medicine[edit]

Employment or military ranks[edit]

  • Grade, a title applied to the insignia worn as in a military organization. Soldiers, sailors and airmen can be the same grade; but no two individuals can have the same rank. The terms grade and rank are often confused. The term for a title related to insignia is grade not rank. Examples of grade are Private, Sergeant, Petty Officer, Ensign, Captain, General, Admiral.

Examples of rank are first, second, etc. The term rank came from phrases such as I out-rank you, which is technically correct.

  • Grade also mistakenly called 'military rank' as in the U S Army, Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard and/or Civil Air Patrol.
  • Grade (consulting), a recognized professional level


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