Graham Gooch World Class Cricket

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Graham Gooch's World Class Cricket
Amiga cover art of Graham Gooch World Class Cricket
Developer(s) Audiogenic
Publisher(s) Audiogenic
Platform(s) Commodore Amiga, IBM PC, Atari ST
Release 1993
Genre(s) Sports
Mode(s) Single-player, Two player

Graham Gooch World Class Cricket is a cricket video game developed and published by Audiogenic in 1993. It is endorsed by former England cricketer Graham Gooch. It is available for the Amiga and PC computer systems.

Game play[edit]

The player can play either test matches or One Day Internationals. There are three types of bowling fast, spin and swing. The fielding can either be set manually or automatically. There are three difficulty settings to play at, Amateur, Professional and World Class. The game has pseudo-3D graphics with details such as the shadows of players moving as the sun moves. All test sides (in 1993) are included including a World XI team to play as. Batting averages and other statistics are included.

Versions and updates[edit]

Graham Gooch World Class Cricket has many different versions available.

There were also two updates for the game.

  • Graham Gooch's Second Innings: This update disk required the original game to work, it contained all the updated statistics from 1994. The expansion also added the ability to play "classic" matches such as the 1990 test where Graham Gooch scored his highest score, 333. The ability to play as an English county team is added.
  • Graham Gooch World Class Cricket - Test Match Special Edition: This version of the game combines the original game with the 2nd Innings update.


After Graham Gooch's World Class Cricket, Audiogenic developed Brian Lara Cricket for the Sega Mega Drive which was licensed to Codemasters. In 1996 Codemasters took over the Audiogenic development team and then went on to release a series of cricket games under the Brian Lara and Shane Warne brands. Brian Lara Cricket is a rebranded version of Graham Gooch World Class Cricket.

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