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Thees Uhlmann performing in front of the Grand Hotel van Cleef logo.

Grand Hotel van Cleef is an independent record label headquartered in Hamburg, Germany.

Label history[edit]

The Grand Hotel van Cleef was founded in September 2002 by the musicians Thees Uhlmann, Marcus Wiebusch and Reimer Bustorff. The newly formed band of Bustorff an Wiebusch Kettcar had recently recorded her first album, Du und wie viel von deinen Freunden, but they found no label to release it. In addition, it was clear that Uhlmann's band Tomte will release their third album Hinter all diesen Fenstern. The big fan base even before the publication was ultimately the deciding factor to start the label. The name originated from a joke: On Thees Uhlmann's question, because how could call his own label, said Tomte's ex-drummer Timo Bodenstein "Hotel van Cleef" - he came from a restaurant scene, and it should be called something with gastro. So then was called Tomte's label Hotel van Cleef. Due to the quasi-merger with Marcus Wiebusch's B.A. Records, it was renamed to Grand Hotel van Cleef. 2004 were the musicians Thees Uhlmann, Marcus Wiebusch, Felix Gebhard and Max Schroeder, who are with their bands at the Grand Hotel Van Cleef, along with actor Jürgen Vogel for the film Keine Lieder über Liebe, Hansen Band, which later also on tour in Germany was. The biggest chart success of the label were the publication of Buchstaben über der Stadt of the band Tomte and Thees Uhlmann's solo debut album, both on fourth place and the publications Von Spatzen und Tauben, Dächern und Händen and Sylt by the band Kettcar, each of which reached the fifth place. The Hansen Band and the Young Rebel Set chart success could also enter the Grand Hotel van Cleef.[1]

After releasing their own records, the Grand Hotel began signing and producing other indie music acts, and have built a reputation as the most important label for alternative German guitar pop.[2] Notable albums include that by the fictional Hansen Band, a band invented by movie maker Lars Kraume for his 2005 movie Keine Lieder über Liebe (Uhlmann and Wiebusch trained actor Jürgen Vogel on how to adopt the proper rock pose).[3]

Fest van Cleef[edit]

Since 2006, the Grand Hotel van Cleef also organizes its own open air festival, "Fest van Cleef." This concert takes place on three days in three different cities each year.


Former artists[edit]


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