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Great Valley Products is a former third-party Amiga hardware supplier.

The company was mostly known for CPU-Accelerators and SCSI-Hostadapters for the Commodore Amiga 500 and the Amiga 2000 computer series. The company liquidated itself in July 1995. A new company GVP-M picked up rights to the Amiga products.

Employee Shareholders[edit]

Great Valley Products was owned by its managing employees and their family members.

  • Gerard Bucas - President
  • Dave Ziembicki - Vice President of Operations
  • Jeff Boyer - Vice President of Engineering
  • Greg Garnick - Vice President of Sales
  • Erik Quackenbush - Director of Software Development
  • George Rapp - Director of Technical Support

GVP A530 Turbo[edit]

GVP A530 Turbo with EC030 @ 40 MHz, 68882, 2x 4 MB 60 ns, PC-286

GVP A530 Turbo released in 1992[1] is a processor accelerator, disc controller and PC-286 co-system for Amiga 500.

Quantity Value
Processor: MC68EC030 @ 40 MHz or 030 @ 40 MHz or 030 @ 50 MHz
FPU: Optional MC68882 (PGA) at the same frequency as the processor.
MMU: None in EC030 version, internal in other versions.
Maximum RAM: 8 MByte
RAM type: 2 x 64-pin GVP SIMM slots.
Disc controller: AMD AM33C93A, SCSI 50-pin and an external DB25. 3.58 MB/s maximum[1]
Option: CPU 80C286, FPU option 80C287[2] @ 16 MHz MS-DOS emulator.[3] RAM 512 kB plus access to Amiga RAM up to 8 MB.[2][4] Video Modes: color CGA, monochrome Hercules, EGA, VGA, T3100 (640x400)[5] and access to Amiga resources.[2][4]
Connections: Power 5-pin DIN (50W +5V +12V),[6] Bus Zorro II (sideport), SCSI DB25F, Internal SCSI 50-pin IDC

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