The Green Group in the European Parliament

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The Green Group
European Parliament group
Logo of the Green Group in the European Parliament.png
The Green Group logo
NameThe Green Group
English abbr.G
French abbr.V
Formal nameThe Green Group in the European Parliament
IdeologyGreen politics
Associated organisationsEuropean Federation of Green Parties
From25 July 1989
To20 July 1999
Preceded byRainbow Group
Succeeded byGreens–European Free Alliance
Chaired byMaria Amélia Santos,
Alexander Langer,
Claudia Roth
MEP(s)30 (25 July 1989),
27 (30 May 1994),
23 (19 July 1994),
27 (5 May 1999),
38 (13 June 1999)

The Green Group in the European Parliament was a Green political group with seats in the European Parliament between 1989 and 1999.


In 1989[1][2] the Rainbow Group split, with the Greens forming a group called "The Green Group in the European Parliament", and the Regionalists remaining within a continuing but diminished Rainbow Group. The Greens and Regionalists stayed within separate parliamentary groups until 1999,[1][3] when the two Groups reunited under the European Greens–European Free Alliance banner.[3]


The group's formal name was "The Green Group in the European Parliament",[4][5][6] not the "Green Group in the European Parliament". Unlike other groups, "The" was part of the formal name of the group.

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