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The Grenzgipfel to the left of the Dunantspitze (formerly called Ostspitze) and the Dufourspitze (seen from Nordend)
Highest point
Elevation 4,618 m (15,151 ft) [1]
Prominence 15 m (49 ft)
Isolation 0.1 kilometres (0.062 mi)
Parent peak Dufourspitze
Listing Italian region high point
Coordinates 45°56′12.3″N 7°52′04.8″E / 45.936750°N 7.868000°E / 45.936750; 7.868000Coordinates: 45°56′12.3″N 7°52′04.8″E / 45.936750°N 7.868000°E / 45.936750; 7.868000
Translation Border Summit (German)
Grenzgipfel is located in Alps
Location in the Alps
Location Italian (Piedmont) - Swiss (Valais) border
Countries Italy and Switzerland
Parent range Pennine Alps
Topo map Swiss Federal Office of Topography swisstopo
First ascent 12 August 1848 by Johann Madutz and Matthias zum Taugwald.[2]

The Grenzgipfel (4,618 m)[3] (German for Border Summit) is a peak of Monte Rosa Massif (Pennine Alps), located on the border between Italy and Switzerland.

The Grenzgipfel is the highest summit on the Italian side of the Monte Rosa massif and the highest point of the entire border between Italy and Switzerland; it is also the culminating point of the Italian region of Piedmont and of the river Ticino drainage basin.

The closest locality is Macugnaga, which is located east of Monte Rosa Massif.

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