List of illuminated later Anglo-Saxon manuscripts

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This is a listing of illuminated manuscripts produced between 900 and 1066 in Anglo-Saxon monasteries, or by Anglo-Saxon scribes or illuminators working in continental scriptoria. This list includes manuscripts in Latin and Anglo-Saxon. For manuscripts produced before 900 see the List of Hiberno-Saxon illuminated manuscripts.

The invasions during the reign of King Alfred the Great created a disruption in the manuscript production in England. When manuscript production resumed in the later portion of Alfred's reign, a break with the previous Insular style of manuscript illumination occurred. The new style, although drawing some elements from Insular manuscripts, also was influenced by Carolingian, Byzantine, and Mediterranean traditions. The Norman Conquest produced another break in English manuscript production which ended the Anglo-Saxon tradition of manuscript illumination. For more information see Anglo-Saxon art.


This listing includes every surviving manuscript with Anglo-Saxon miniatures, drawings, or other major decoration. It also includes a representative sample of manuscripts with Anglo-Saxon pen-work initials. The manuscripts are sorted by their current location.

Further reading[edit]

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