Grimes Glacier

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Grimes Glacier
Location of Heritage Range in Western Antarctica
Map showing the location of Grimes Glacier
Map showing the location of Grimes Glacier
Location of Grimes Glacier in Antarctica
Type steep
Location Ellsworth Land
Coordinates 79°12′00″S 84°22′00″W / 79.20000°S 84.36667°W / -79.20000; -84.36667
Thickness unknown
Terminus Heritage Range
Status unknown

Grimes Glacier (79°12′S 84°22′W / 79.200°S 84.367°W / -79.200; -84.367Coordinates: 79°12′S 84°22′W / 79.200°S 84.367°W / -79.200; -84.367) is a steep glacier descending from the east side of Anderson Massif, in the Heritage Range of the Ellsworth Mountains of Antarctica. It was mapped by the United States Geological Survey from surveys and U.S. Navy air photos, 1961–66, and was named by the Advisory Committee on Antarctic Names for Master Chief Equipmentman Paul D. Grimes, U.S. Navy, who supervised the construction crews during relocation of Williams Air Field at McMurdo Sound in the closing month of U.S. Navy Operation Deep Freeze 1965.[1]

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