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A groom (short for bridegroom) is a male participant in a wedding ceremony.

Groom may also refer to:



In the English/British Royal Household[edit]


  • Groom Lake (salt flat), a geographic feature of the United States Military Area 51
  • Groom Range, a mountain range in Nevada
  • Division of Groom, a Commonwealth Electoral Division in Queensland, Australia
  • Groom, Texas, a town in Carson County, Texas, United States, location of the second largest cross in the western hemisphere



The verb to groom may refer to:

  • Personal grooming, or preening, in humans and animals, a hygienic activity (caring for physical appearance)
  • Dog grooming, the care provided for a dog's physical appearance (especially its coat and nails), or specific work done to enhance its appearance for a show
  • Horse grooming, the daily hygienic care provided for horses, or specific work done on the horse to enhance its physical appearance for a show
  • Child grooming, befriending a child, in the negative context of preparing them to accept abusive behavior
    • Abusive power and control, grooming in any context using manipulative tactics to facilitate compliance of an abusive purpose.
    • Social grooming, grooming between animals and people who live in proximity, helping bond and reinforce social structures
  • Snow grooming, the process of preparing snow for recreational uses, such as skiing
  • Traffic grooming, a technical activity in telecommunications
  • Product backlog refinement, preparing a prioritised requirements list in agile software development

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