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Groundwork or ground work may refer to:

Entertainment and media[edit]

  • Groundworks, official artbook for the Japanese animation series FLCL
  • GroundWorks – South African hip-hop group (Members: Ben Sharpa, Krook d' tha Warmonga, Snazz D, Gemini, HueMan, Non-Depiction, Forekast, Bonafide & S.E.L.F.)
  • The Groundwork Theory, album by Christian rap artist Verbs
  • GroundWork Records, a record label co-founded by Jennifer Korbee



  • Groundwork South Africa, an environmental organization affiliated to the international group Friends Of The Earth
  • Groundwork UK, an environmental organisation working as a federation of Trusts in the United Kingdom


  • Groundworker, a person who prepares the land for the construction of a home or building
  • Ground fighting, in hand-to-hand combat and mixed martial arts
  • Horse training – practice used to train horses, i.e., before they can be ridden

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