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Gujarati numerals is the numeral system of the Gujarati script of South Asia, which is a derivative of Devanagari numerals.[1] It is the official numeral system of Gujarat, India.[2] It is also officially recognized in India[3] and as a minor script in Pakistan.[4]

Base numbers[edit]

The following table shows Gujarati numbers and the Gujarati word for each of them in various scripts.

Gujarati numeral[5] Hindu-Arabic numeral Devanagari numeral Gujarati word[5] Latin Devanagari
0 શૂન્ય shūnya शून्य
1 એક ēk एक
2 બે बे
3 ત્રણ traṇ त्रण
4 ચાર chār चार
5 પાંચ pāṅch पांच
6 chcha
7 સાત sāt सात
8 આઠ āṭh आठ
9 નવ nav नव

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