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Prabhucharan Shri Vithalnathji Shri Gusaiji
Shri Gusainji.jpg
Shri Vithalnathji Shri Gusaiji
Born 1572
Charanat. Near Varanasi, UP, India
Era Ancient philosophy
Region Indian philosophy
School Hindu philosophy, Shuddhadvaita, Pushtimarg, Vedanta

Gusaiji was the younger son of Vallabhacharyaji. His real name was Vitthalnath. He was born in 1516 at Charnat near Varanasi.[1] Gusaiji as Vithalnathji is mentioned in Hindu scriptures as follows: In Agni Purana, in a chapter titled "Bhavishiyotar" (Future Avatar (birth)), God himself professed that: "In future I will come as son of Shree Vallabh and I will be known as Shree Vithal."[citation needed]

Gusaiji led the sect Pushtimarg, the sect founded by his father after the latter's death. Based on the order of Shrinathji (Krishna's image currently residing in Nathdwara near Udaipur), Gusainji included variation of Bhog (feasts & meals), Raag (music) and Shringaar (adorations) into the seva (day to day services) of Shrinathji. He was also the head of pustimargiya sanghatan i.e.the head of the temple trust(श्रीनाथजी).[citation needed]


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