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Guy Mettan

Guy Mettan, is a Swiss journalist and politician, member of the Christian Democratic People's Party of Switzerland, executive director and a founding member of the Geneva Press Club [fr].[1][2]

As a journalist he started with Tribune de Genève as an intern[3] and was its director and editor-in-chief in 1992-1998.[2]

In 2001 he was appointed Vice-President of the Swiss-West African Chamber of Commerce and in 2005 of the Swiss-Russian Joint Chambers of Commerce.[2] In 2006 the was appointed President of the Geneva Red Cross.[1]

He served as President of the Grand Council of Geneva.[2]


  • 2004: Genève, ville de paix: de la Conférence de 1954 sur l'Indochine à la coopération internationale
  • 2010: Guy Mettan, Christophe Büchi, Le dictionnaire impertinent de la Suisse
  • 2014: Guy Mettan, François Bugnion, Jean-François Pitteloud, Serge Nessi, Philippe Bender, Serge Bimpag, 150 ans de passion humanitaire, la Croix-Rouge genevoise de 1864 à 2014, Genève, Slatkine, ISBN 9782832106044
  • 2017: Creating Russophobia: From the Great Religious Schism to Anti-Putin Hysteria
    • 2016: (Italian language edition) Russofobia. Mille anni di diffidenza


Mettan is married. In 1994, the family adopted a 3-year-old Russian girl, Oxana, from an orphanage in Suzdal. Later, Russian citizenship was granted to Mettan by Yeltsin administration.[3][4]


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