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HKm Zvolen
HKm Zvolen logo.svg
Nickname rytieri
City Zvolen, Slovakia
League Slovak Extraliga
Founded 1927 (1927)
Home arena Steiger Aréna
(capacity 7,038)
Colours blue, yellow, red
General manager Slovakia Milan Čanky
Head coach Slovakia Peter Mikula
Captain Slovakia Lukáš Jurík

Hokejový Klub mesta Zvolen is a professional Slovak ice hockey club based in Zvolen. The club has won the Slovak league championship twice and the IIHF Continental Cup in 2005. The team is nicknamed Rytieri; it means Knights in English.


Early history[edit]

The club was founded on 18 March 1927 as ZTC Zvolen. However, they played their first official game in 1932 against Slávia Banská Bystrica. They lost 0–18 in the first game and 1–20 in the second game against Slávia. Zvolen played their first home game on 14 February 1932. They lost 0–2 against Slávia. In the 1933–34 season they played for the first time in organized competition, the Championship of Stredoslovenská župa. In the next season they won their first official game against Sokol Kremnica. Hockey in Zvolen was even played during World War II. After WW II they had very successful years between 1947 and 1953. Then there was a decline.

Czechoslovak era[edit]

Renewal of hockey in Zvolen started in 1964, when the Lokomotíva Bučina Zvolen club was established. In 1970 they promoted to the 1. SNHL (1st. Slovak National Hockey League), second level of Czechoslovak hockey. They placed 6th in their first season at the 1. SNHL. In the 1971–72 season they finished 3rd and in the next season they won the 1. SNHL. The club's scoring leader was Jozef Golonka. Zvolen was qualified to the preliminary round for the Czechoslovak Extraliga. There they lost 7 of 8 games and did not promote to the Extraliga. Zvolen won the 1. SNHL again in the 1974–75 season. Zvolen forward Ján Letko was the top scorer of the 1. SNHL (48 goals). However, they lost in the preliminary round against Ingstav Brno and did not promote to the Extraliga. In the 1975–76 season they repeated victory in the 1. SNHL. In the preliminary round they lost a series 3–4 against TJ Gottwaldov. Their fourth and last victory of the 1. SNHL came in the 1977–78 season, but in the preliminary round they lost a series 2–4 against TJ Gottwaldov. Thus Zvolen never played in the Czechoslovak Extraliga, top level of Czechoslovak hockey.

Slovak era[edit]

Zvolen (in blue) vs. Dynamo Moscow at the 2004–05 IIHF Continental Cup

Zvolen was a member of the inaugural season of the Slovak Extraliga, but they finished last and were relegated to the Slovak 1.Liga. Zvolen won the 1996–97 Slovak 1.Liga season and promoted to the Extraliga after 3 years. In the 1997–98 season they placed fifth in the regular season and were eliminated by Dukla Trenčín in the quarterfinals. In the next season they progressed to the semifinals, beating Trenčín in the quarterfinals, but were defeated by Slovan Bratislava. Zvolen played in the playoffs finals for the first time in club history in the 1999–00 season. There they lost 2–3 against Slovan. The most successful season in the club history was the 2000–01 season. Zvolen finished first in the regular season, defeated 3–0 MHC Martin in the quarterfinals, 3–0 HK Poprad in the semifinals, 3–1 Dukla Trenčín in the finals and won their first Slovak Extraliga title ever. Ján Plch (79 pts), Richard Šechný (70 pts) and Petr Vlk (64 pts) were the top three scoring leaders of the Extraliga regular season. Šechný (19 pts) was also a scoring leader in the playoffs. Since 2001 Zvolen was playoffs finalist four times but won the title only once more in the 2012–13 season.

Continental Cup[edit]

Besides their triumph at the Slovak championship in 2001, Zvolen is a winner of the IIHF Continental Cup. In the 8th edition of the cup in 2005 they played in the final stage against HC Dynamo Moscow, Alba Volán Székesfehérvár and the Milano Vipers. Zvolen won all three games and became the third Slovak winner after HC Košice and HC Slovan Bratislava.

Season-by-season results[edit]

This is a partial list of the last five seasons completed by HKm Zvolen. Code explanation; GP—Games played, W—Wins, OTW—Overtime wins, OTW—Overtime losses, L—Losses, GF—Goals for, GA—Goals against, Pts—Points. Top scorer: Points (Goals+Assists)

Season League Regular season Post season results Top scorer (regular season)
2008–09 Extraliga 4th 56 29 2 5 20 182 152 96 Lost in semifinals, 3–4 (HC Košice) Slovakia L. Hvila 58 (28+30)
2009–10 Extraliga 8th 47 20 3 5 19 132 126 71 Lost in quarterfinals, 1–4 (HC Slovan Bratislava) Czech Republic J. Kopecký 34 (15+19)
2010–11 Extraliga 6th 57 22 5 8 22 161 156 84 Lost in quarterfinals, 3–4 (HC ’05 Banská Bystrica) Slovakia M. Chovan 41 (12+29)
2011–12 Extraliga 7th 55 21 4 4 26 135 174 75 Lost in semifinals, 0–4 (HC Košice) Slovakia V. Baláž 40 (19+21)
2012–13 Extraliga 1st 56 32 8 3 13 203 145 115 Champions, 4–1 (HC Košice) Slovakia L. Jurík 74 (36+38)



Slovak Extraliga (2): 2000–01, 2012–13

1. SNHL (4): 1972–73, 1974–75, 1975–76, 1977–78


IIHF Continental Cup

Current roster[edit]

Updated November 18, 2012.[1]

# Nat Player Pos S/G Age Acquired Birthplace
17 Czech Republic Brabenec, KamilKamil Brabenec (A) LW L 40 2011 Brno, Czechoslovakia
10 Slovakia Chovan, MichalMichal Chovan LW L 29 2012 Zvolen, Czechoslovakia
73 Slovakia Fekiač, FrederikFrederik Fekiač D R 21 2012
91 Slovakia Hraško, PeterPeter Hraško D L 25 2009 Detva, Czechoslovakia
19 Slovakia Huňady, PatrikPatrik Huňady C L 25 2011 Spišská Nová Ves, Czechoslovakia
12 Slovakia Juraško, MichalMichal Juraško (A) D L 33 2006 Zvolen, Czechoslovakia
15 Slovakia Jurík, LukášLukáš Jurík (C) C L 35 2010 Zvolen, Czechoslovakia
37 Slovakia Jurík, MilanMilan Jurík C L 29 2008 Zvolen, Czechoslovakia
9 Slovakia Mančák, FilipFilip Mančák D L 23 2012
3 Slovakia Mucha, JánJán Mucha D L 33 2011 Malacky, Czechoslovakia
90 Slovakia Méry, TomášTomáš Méry RW R 26 2010 Bratislava, Czechoslovakia
22 Slovakia Obšut, JaroslavJaroslav Obšut D L 41 2012 Prešov, Czechoslovakia
11 Slovakia Pichnarčík, MichalMichal Pichnarčík D L 26 2012 Bardejov, Czechoslovakia
41 Slovakia Podkonický, AndrejAndrej Podkonický LW L 38 2012 Zvolen, Czechoslovakia
88 Slovakia Pokovič, LuborLubor Pokovič D L 25 2011 Bremerhaven, Germany
81 Slovakia Síkela, MatejMatej Síkela RW L 26 2011 Prievidza, Czechoslovakia
16 Czech Republic Výborný, MartinMartin Výborný D R 41 2012 Mladá Boleslav, Czechoslovakia
24 Slovakia Zuzin, PeterPeter Zuzin RW L 26 2010 Zvolen, Czechoslovakia
14 Slovakia Zuzin, ĽuborĽubor Zuzin RW R 30 2012 Zvolen, Czechoslovakia
9 Slovakia Čanky, MilanMilan Čanky LW R 27 2012 Zvolen, Czechoslovakia
7 Slovakia Ďaloga, MarekMarek Ďaloga D L 28 2006 Zvolen, Czechoslovakia
36 Slovakia Šimko, MarekMarek Šimko G L 29 2012 Zvolen, Czechoslovakia
96 Slovakia Šiška, MichalMichal Šiška D L 27 2011 Zvolen, Czechoslovakia
40 Slovakia Škrečko, LukášLukáš Škrečko G L 29 2008 Banská Bystrica, Czechoslovakia
86 Slovakia Škvaridlo, TomášTomáš Škvaridlo LW L 35 2010 Zvolen, Czechoslovakia
23 Slovakia Ťavoda, JánJán Ťavoda D L 26 2011 Zvolen, Czechoslovakia


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