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Tipsport liga
Current season, competition or edition:
Current sports event 2017–18 Slovak Extraliga season
Tipsport liga logo.png
Sport Ice hockey
Founded 1993
Inaugural season 1993–94
CEO Richard Lintner (Pro-Hokej a.s.)
No. of teams 13
Most recent
HC '05 Banská Bystrica (2nd title)
Most titles HC Košice (8 titles)
TV partner(s) RTVS (Slovakia)
Relegation to Slovak 1. Liga
Slovak 1. Liga, Slovak 2. Liga
Official website

The Slovak Tipsport Liga (Slovenská Extraliga) is the highest-level ice hockey league in Slovakia. Since the 2018-19 season, the league also includes two teams from Hungary[1].In 2009, it was ranked by the IIHF as the fifth strongest league in Europe and in 2012, it was ranked by The Hockey News as the sixth strongest league in the world behind the NHL, KHL, Swedish Hockey League, SM-liiga and Czech Extraliga.[2] However, it has dropped significantly since then, with the German DEL and Austrian EBEL both ranked ahead.

The name of the league is leased to sponsors and changes frequently. From 1993/94 to 1997/98, it was called Extraliga, then the name changed to West Extraliga until the end of the 2000/01 season. In 2001/02, its name was Boss Extraliga. From the 2002/03 season to 2004/05, the name was ST Extraliga and in 2005/06 to T-Com Extraliga. On 16 January 2007, the name changed to Slovnaft Extraliga when a general sponsorship agreement with Slovnaft was signed, in 2011/12 it became the Tipsport Extraliga and Slovnaft-Play-off, and since the 2015/16 season it has been called the Tipsport liga and Slovnaft-Play-off.

The Slovak Extraliga is rooted in the Czechoslovak Extraliga. The 1993/94 season was the first for the Slovak Extraliga after Czechoslovakia split into the Czech Republic and Slovakia on 1 January 1993.


Ten clubs played in the 2017–18 Slovak Extraliga season. HK Orange 20 is a project for preparation of the Slovakia junior ice hockey team for the IIHF World U20 Championship. The team does not play a complete regular season and cannot advance to the playoffs. The top eight teams in the standings after the regular season (56 games) advance to the playoffs. This season was won by HC ’05 Banská Bystrica.

Teams from Hungary competing in Tipsport liga in the 2018–19 season.

2018–19 season[edit]

The table below shows the team participating in the 2018-19 season.

Team Name City Venue Capacity Founded
HC Košice Slovakia Košice Steel Arena 8,378 1962
HC Nové Zámky Slovakia Nové Zámky Nové Zámky Ice Stadium 2,500 1965
HC '05 Banská Bystrica Slovakia Banská Bystrica Banská Bystrica Ice Stadium 2,841 1922
HC 07 Detva Slovakia Detva Detva Ice Stadium 1,800 2007
HK Dukla Trenčín Slovakia Trenčín Pavol Demitra Ice Stadium 6,150 1962
HK Nitra Slovakia Nitra Nitra Arena 3,600 1926
HK Poprad Slovakia Poprad Poprad Ice Stadium 4,500 1930
HKm Zvolen Slovakia Zvolen Zvolen Ice Stadium 5,372 1927
MHk 32 Liptovský Mikuláš Slovakia Liptovský Mikuláš Liptovský Mikuláš Ice Stadium 3,680 1932
MsHK Žilina Slovakia Žilina Garmin Arena 6,200 1925
DVTK Jegesmedvék Hungary Miskolc Miskolc Ice Hall 1,304 1978
MAC Budapest Hungary Budapest Tüskecsarnok 2,540 1925
HK Orange 20 Slovakia Piešťany Easton Arena 3,500 2007

Names and sponsorship[edit]

Period Name Sponsor
1993–1997 Extraliga none
1997–2001 West Extraliga West
2001–2002 BOSS Extraliga BOSS
2002–2005 ST Extraliga Slovak Telekom
2005–2007 T-Com Extraliga T-Com
2007–2011 Slovnaft Extraliga Slovnaft
2011–2015 Tipsport Extraliga Tipsport
2015– Tipsport Liga Tipsport

Previous winners[edit]

Previous Tipsport liga regular season winners[edit]

Previous Tipsport liga playoff winners (Slovak Champions)[edit]

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