Habibia High School

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Habibia High School
Ayub Khan Mina, District 8, Kabul
Coordinates 34°30′00.00″N 69°08′59.34″E / 34.5000000°N 69.1498167°E / 34.5000000; 69.1498167Coordinates: 34°30′00.00″N 69°08′59.34″E / 34.5000000°N 69.1498167°E / 34.5000000; 69.1498167
Established 1903[1]
Principal Sayed Naasir Askarzada[1]
Teaching staff 300[1]
Number of students more than 20000

Habibia High School (Persian: لیسه عالی حبیبیه‎) is a school in southwestern Kabul, Afghanistan which has educated many of the former and current Afghan elite, including President Hamid Karzai and musician Ahmad Zahir. It was founded by King Habibullah Khan in 1903.[1]

It is situated in the south of the city in a district known as Carteh Seh. It suffered severe damage during the civil war of the 1990s between the different mujahideen factions who had ousted the communist government of Mohammad Najibullah in 1992.

Recent development[edit]

The Indian government funded the rebuilding of the school in 2003, it committed $5 million for the restoration project. The restoration was completed in two years and the school was reopened in August 2005, by Afghan President Hamid Karzai and Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.[1]

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