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Hafsa Bekri-Lamrani (born 1948) is a poet and writer of a book of short stories, Jellabiates (2001). She published: Tendresse et autres lumières and Sparks of Life, two collections of poetry at Aïni Bennai editions, Casablanca (2004). She was invited for a writing residence in England (Art-UK - Writing on the Wall) in Hadrian's Wall region where there were Moroccans at the beginning of the second century. A journal of this residence is published on the net: Berbers in Solway: Journal of a Moroccan poet. In 2009 she published The call of Hagar in Women writing Africa, The Northern Region (Feminist Press New York.) She is a member of the Centre d’études et de recherche sur la Méditerranée and of Le Cercle Shahrazade. She was a nominee in 2012 for the Moroccan Women Mentoring and Networking Award.[1][2]


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