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Haksan Publishing Co., Ltd.
Industry Comics, Animation, Books
Founded 1995
Headquarters Seoul, South Korea
Parent Daewon Media
Website www.haksanpub.co.kr

Haksan Publishing Co., Ltd. (Korean: 학산문화사, translit. Haksan Munhwasa, lit. 'Haksan Culture (company)'), a subsidiary of Daewon Media, is a South Korean publisher, famous for its large selections of domestic and imported comics (manga/manhwa) and light novels. It was established in Seoul in 1995.



  • Chance (찬스, Chanseu) – Monthly comics magazine for boys.
  • Booking – Bi-weekly comics magazine for boys.
  • Party (파티, Pa-ti) – Monthly comics magazine for girls.

Collected volumes imprints[edit]

  • Chance Comics (찬스 코믹스, Chanseu Komikseu)

Light novels[edit]

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