Halcyon Days

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Halcyon Days is an oblique reference to the Greek mythological figure Alcyone, it may also refer to:


  • Halcyon Days (book), a 1997 collection of interviews with programmers of early video games
  • Halcyon Days (play), a 1991 play by Steven Dietz
  • Halcyon Days, a play by Shoji Kokami
  • "Halcyon Days", in the myth of Alcyone, the seven days in winter when storms never occur
  • "Goodbye, Halcyon Days" is the name of the twenty-seventh volume and also of the two hundred and thirty-seventh chapter in the Japanese manga, Bleach by Tite Kubo.





Other uses[edit]

  • Halcyon Days Ltd, a British retailer of luxury goods.
  • Halcyon Days, a Minecraft resource pack.

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