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Half Pint Brawlers is a wrestling company and television series. The company is considered the craziest and also the top midget wrestling company in the country. Known for controversy and also for their hardcore wrestling style, they often use staple guns, thumb tacks, broken bottles, and barbed wire in their matches. Half Pint Brawlers had a fraternity kicked off of campus for one of their politically incorrect shows, and have been banned from performing in certain states.[citation needed]

Half Pint Brawlers is made up of Puppet, "The Psycho Dwarf", who is the head operator of the company. Little Kato, "The Dwarf Destroyer", is the veteran of the group; notably, he nearly dies in the very first episode. Beautiful Bobby is Kato's long-haired brother known for his high-flying style. Turtle is the rookie of the group and the fellow emcee. Madd Mexx is known as "The Immigration Sensation". Teo is the smallest Extreme Athlete who causes the most problems in the group and stands in at 3 ft 10 in (117 cm). Spyder Nate Webb is the only tall individual in the Half Pint Brawlers group; he acts as the announcer.

Spike TV aired the first season of the series following the Half Pint Brawlers in 2010. During the first season of the show, the Brawlers performed shows at a maximum security prison, on Bourbon Street, at a redneck festival, and a show with Luchadores in Mexico. The show was produced by the Lumberjack Crew and Idea Factory production companies.

The show drew up much controversy and was met with protest from the Little People of America for the Brawlers' repetitive use of the word midget. The Little People of America attempted to have the show canceled from the network. TMZ followed the controversy and covered stories on the Brawlers. TMZ distinctly reported on the Half Pint Brawlers' blatant use of the word midget.

The Half Pint Brawlers have made an appearance in a skit for the 2010 Paramount Pictures comedy documentary Jackass 3D, where Jason Acuña aka "Wee Man" gets into a bar fight with some of the members.

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