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Whacked Out Sports is an American syndicated reality television series which features professional and amateur videos of sports-related mishaps, crashes and bloopers. The show has a comedic theme and uses a narrative voiceover to highlight aspects of the clips. Whacked Out Sports, created and produced by Mighty Oak Entertainment (who also co-distributes the series with Trifecta Entertainment & Media), features 104 episodes and has been in syndication since 2006.[1][2] In 2014, the series was renewed for Seasons 9 and 10.[3]

Subject Matter[edit]

The show consists entirely of short video clips featuring sports-related stunts and odd sporting events. The clips are accompanied by irreverent and wacky narration which is intended to present sometimes shocking images in a humorous manner.

High points from the clips are generally replayed several times for maximum effect, a technique also used on the similar show MXC. The narrator, Tom Gottlieb ("Cookie Masterson" from the video game You Don't Know Jack), uses a juvenile commentary to help create the lighthearted nature of the show; for example, stating "he's using his noggin to steer the toboggan" when referring to a luge accident. Another trademark feature of the show are the often cartoonish stock sound effects such as screams, punches, crashes, and groaning men sounds after scenes of crashes, falls, fights or other incidents are shown.

The clips for Whacked Out Sports are collected from videos taken by various sources around the world.

International Distribution[edit]

The series began airing in the United Kingdom on the Five USA channel in February 2008. It is also broadcast in South Africa on DSTV and in Estonia on TV6 where it is shown along with Maximum Exposure and other similar themed shows under the title Meeletu Maailm. It was due to air in Australia on 7Two daily at 7pm from November 17, 2009, with the next season due to appear over the Australian non-ratings period twice a week on Channel Seven from December 1, 2009. In India and Pakistan, it airs on AXN. The series is also broadcast in the Netherlands too Stom, Stommer, Stomst! on RTL 7. It is also broadcasting on Mediacorp Channel 5 and JHM Network. In South Korea, under the name Dolbal Ajjilhan Sports(돌발! 아찔한 스포츠 ; Flash! Giddy Sports) from 2009 ~ 2011 on OBS. and in the Philippines, the series began airing on AKTV on IBC-13 Every Monday at 7:00 pm from April 2, 2012.

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Because of the show's mature content, it contains a special content disclaimer at the beginning of each episode and is usually aired in late night hours.


In January 2008, Mighty Oak Entertainment's subsidiary Whack One Entertainment began airing a spin-off called Whacked Out Videos hosted by Tom Gottlieb.[4][5][6]


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