Hall of Mosses Trail

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Fog rising from moss-covered tree trunks
A fog over the entrance to the trail
Maples on the Hall of Mosses Trail
Typical tree in the Hall of Mosses

The Hall of Mosses Trail is a hiking trail in Olympic National Park. It is located in the Hoh Rain Forest on the Olympic Peninsula in the west of Washington state, USA. It is a 0.8 mile loop trail with 100ft elevation gain.

The forest along the trail is filled with old temperate trees covered in green and brown mosses. Trees include bigleaf maples and Sitka spruces. The mosses on the trees do not damage the trees. However, the trees can fall by the winds in storms because of their shorter roots due to the abundance of nutrients and water in the forest. Many trees and mosses grow from and over the fallen tree trunks.

Along the trail there is a side path of 200 feet that leads to a grove of maple trees covered with epiphytic spikemoss (the "Hall of Mosses"). The trail takes approximately an hour to complete. At first there is an upward incline, but the trail quickly levels.

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Coordinates: 47°51′40.6″N 123°55′39.6″W / 47.861278°N 123.927667°W / 47.861278; -123.927667