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This article is about the sports club's umbrella organisation. For men's football department, see, see Hammarby Fotboll.
Hammarby IF
Hammarby IF.png
Full name Hammarby Idrottsförening
Nicknames Bajen
Founded 1897
Based in Stockholm
Colors           Green and white
President Hans Bergman
Website www.hammarby-if.se

Hammarby Idrottsförening (Swedish pronunciation: [ˈhamːar'bʏ]; or simply Hammarby IF, "Hammarby Sports Club") is a Swedish sports club located in Stockholm, with a number of member organizations active in a variety of different sports. It was founded in 1889 as Hammarby Roddförening ("Hammarby Rowing Association"), but by 1897 the club had diversified and was participating in a number of different sports, leading to the renaming to Hammarby IF. In 1999, the club was reorganized into a legal format referred to in Swedish as an alliansförening ("alliance association"), with each of the club's departments becoming a separate legal entity cooperating under the "Hammarby IF" umbrella.[1]

Member clubs[edit]

Sport Club name Founded Joined HIF Home venue
Athletics Hammarby IF Friidrottsförening
Bandy Hammarby IF Bandy 1905 1905 Zinkensdamms IP
Basketball Hammarby IF Basket 1975 2015 Farstahallen
Boule Hammarby IF Bouleförening
Bowling Hammarby IF Bowlingförening Brännkyrka Bowlingcenter
Boxing Hammarby IF Boxningsförening
Floorball Hammarby IF Innebandy 1993 1993 Sjöstadshallen
Football Hammarby IF Fotbollförening (men)
Hammarby IF Damfotbollförening (women)
Tele2 Arena
Hammarby IP
Goalball Hammarby IF Goalbollförening
Handball Hammarby IF Handboll 1939 1939 Eriksdalshallen
Ice hockey Hammarby IF Ishockeyförening

Hammarby IF Damishockeyförening






Zinkensdamms IP

Orienteering Hammarby IF Orienteringsförening
Rowing Hammarby IF Roddförening 1889 1889
Rugby union Hammarby IF Rugby 2000 2000
Speedway Hammarby Speedway
Skiing Hammarby IF Skidförening
Table tennis Hammarby IF Bordtennisförening

Defunct member clubs[edit]


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