Hanadi Zakaria al-Hindi

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Hanadi Zakaria al-Hindi
هنادي زكريا الهندي
BornSeptember 1978 in

Hanadi Zakaria al-Hindi (Arabic: هنادي زكريا الهندي‎) is the first Saudi woman to become a commercial airline pilot. She was born in Mecca in September 1978. She passed her final exams at the Middle East Academy for Commercial Aviation in Amman, Jordan on 15 June 2005.[1] She has a ten-year contract with Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal’s Kingdom Holding Company[2][3] as a pilot of his private jet, the Kingdom. Al-Waleed is considered a proponent for female emancipation in the Saudi world, financed her training[1] and stated on her graduation that he is "in full support of Saudi ladies working in all fields".[2] Al-Hindi became certified to fly within Saudi Arabia in 2014.[4]

Reports highlighted the irony that a Saudi woman is allowed to pilot an aeroplane but may not drive a car ( although this has changed in 2017 [5]).[2][3] Al-Hindi, however, does not see this as a contradiction.[2]


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