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Henry Schillinger, played by Andrew Barchilon, is a fictional character on the HBO drama Oz.

Character overview[edit]

His father Vern Schillinger is an inmate who runs the Aryan Brotherhood within Oz. An amoral drug addict, Hank, like his younger brother Andrew, has been raised on white supremacist ideology by his father and grandfather. Hank was involved in several drug related issues on the outside and even sells out his girlfriend to black pimp Curtis Bennett as a means of paying back a debt. At the request of Tobias Beecher, Hank visits with Vern, who uses him in a revenge scheme to kidnap Beecher's children. The kidnapping results in the death of Beecher's son Gary and prompts Beecher to hire the Italian inmates to exact revenge on Hank. As a result, Hank is killed in Massachusetts by an Italian hitman named Gaetano Cincetta.

Season 4 Part I[edit]

Looking to resolve his guilt for helping cause the death of Andrew Schillinger, Beecher enlists a private investigator to find Hank and reunite him with his father Vern. After Hank is found, Tobias arranges for him to be paid to visit Vern as Hank will only see him if he gets enough money to buy more drugs. Vern is overjoyed to see Hank until he finds out that the visit was arranged by Beecher. Remembering what happened to Andrew, Vern thinks it is another plot by Beecher to turn his last son against him. To prevent this from happening, Vern plots to kidnap Beecher's two children, Gary and Holly. Vern pays Hank to kidnap the two, and then pays him more money to sever Gary's hand and ship it to Oz. To find his children, Beecher enlists FBI Agent Pierce Taylor to investigate the kidnapping; Taylor suspects Chris Keller instead of Vern Schillinger. Beecher is distraught when his son's hand is shipped to Oz and even more distraught after Hank kills Gary.

At the urging of Father Mukada, Vern learns that Beecher had no evil intent with Hank and calls off the kidnapping. As Hank releases Holly, the FBI arrests him on the spot. Vern is then concerned that Hank may give him up under interrogation but Hank is then freed on a legal technicality. Infuriated, Beecher goes to Italian inmate Chucky Pancamo and hires him to kill Hank. Hank is killed in Massachusetts by an Italian hitman and his body remains missing for more than six months. When the truth is learned about Hank's death, the Aryans and Italians go to war in Season 5.

Season 6[edit]

The spirits of Hank and his brother Andrew narrated part of the episode "4giveness".

Murders committed[edit]

  • Gary Beecher - Murdered by Hank, on orders from his father Vernon Schillinger, to get money for drugs, Hank later gets arrested but doesn't get charged, Hank is later murdered for Gary's death as Tobias Beecher speaks to Chucky Pancamo.