Hawally, Kuwait

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Dome of Al Othman Mosque in Hawalli
Dome of Al Othman Mosque in Hawalli
Hawalli is located in Kuwait
Coordinates: 29°20′N 48°2′E / 29.333°N 48.033°E / 29.333; 48.033
Country Kuwait
GovernorateHawalli Governorate
 • Total164,212
Time zoneUTC+3 (AST)

Hawally (Arabic: حولي‎) is a city area of the Hawalli Governorate located in the State of Kuwait.

Hawally is a large city suburb and the commercial center for most computer-related goods in Kuwait. Prior to the first Gulf War, it housed a large number of Palestinians, but many left during and after the War. Currently, Hawally is home to many of the Arab populations in Kuwait including Egyptians, Syrians,Iraqi's and Lenanese. It is also home to many Asians including, Philippians, Indians, Nepales, Bangali's and Pakistanis.

As of 31 December 2007 the population of Hawally is estimated to be 164,212 (source PACI: [1]).

The Qadsia sports club also resides within Hawally. Its football stadium is one of the most famous in Kuwait and is a popular venue for many international matches that happen within the region. Also, Hawally holds its own theme park named Hawally Park. Near the Hawally Park resides the Muhallab mall were many extravagant and various shops take place.


The American School of Kuwait is in Hawally.[1]

The New Pakistan International School is in Hawally.[2]

The American Creativity Academy is in Hawally.[3]


Hawalli is home to Qadsia SC and Mohammed Al-Hamad Stadium


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Coordinates: 29°20′N 48°02′E / 29.333°N 48.033°E / 29.333; 48.033