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Residential Buildings in Jabriya
Residential Buildings in Jabriya
Jabriya is located in Kuwait
Coordinates: 29°19′N 48°2′E / 29.317°N 48.033°E / 29.317; 48.033Coordinates: 29°19′N 48°2′E / 29.317°N 48.033°E / 29.317; 48.033
ProvinceHawalli Governorate
 • Total66,056

Jabriya (Arabic: جابرية‎) is in an area in Hawalli Governorate in Kuwait. It is a large, mainly residential suburb that borders Surra, Hawalli, Salmiya and Bayan. Jabriya has seen an increase of commercial activities in recent years.[when?]

On 31 December 2007, Jabriya's population was estimated to be 66,056[1]

Mubarak Al-Kabeer Hospital, one of the six public hospitals in Kuwait, was built there in 1982. Other organisations within the area include the Kuwait Medical Association (KMA) and the Kuwait Central Blood Bank.

Jabriya is divided into twelve blocks with two blocks, 1 and 3, sectioned into A and B parts. Jabriya contains more than ten schools, a large number for its size, including New English School, The English Academy, Bayan Bilingual School and Fajr Al Sabah. Jabriya has many foreign workers.

Like other parts of Kuwait, Jabriya has traffic problems, but even more serious. Jabriya is also well known for its relative safety and diversity.

Houses in Jabriya are between 2 and 4 storeys tall. From Jabriya, one can access the Fahaheel Expressway which leads to Bayan, Salwa, Rumaithiya and Abu Halifa.



  • Tariq Rajab Museum opened in 1980
  • Dar El CID]


  • Al-Bulush Mosque
  • Al Qatan Mosque, built in 1987
  • Mohammed Al Kandari Mosque
  • Al Mawash Mosque
  • Mubarak Al Kabeer Mosque

Embassies in Jabriya[edit]

A number of embassies are located in Jabriya:[2]

Armenia Armenia
Bulgaria Bulgaria
Netherlands Netherlands
Pakistan Pakistan
Philippines Philippines
Poland Poland
Serbia Serbia
Eswatini Swaziland
Thailand Thailand
Vietnam Vietnam
Yemen Yemen