He (song)

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He (cover).jpg
"He" Sheet Music Cover
Song by Al Hibbler
Published 1954
Released 1954
Genre Christian music
Writer(s) Richard Mullan
Composer(s) Jack Richards

"He" is a song about God, written in 1954. The song made the popular music charts the following year.

The music was written by Jack Richards, with lyrics by Richard Mullan. The song was originally published by Avas Music Publishing, Inc.

Best selling records were made by Al Hibbler (reaching #4 on the Billboard charts) and The McGuire Sisters (reaching #10 on the Billboard charts) in 1955. A later version by The Righteous Brothers reached #18 in 1966. Andy Williams released a version on his 1960 album, The Village of St. Bernadette. Diana Ross & The Supremes covered the song for In Loving Memory, a 1968 gospel compilation featuring Motown Records artists.