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The head is the part of an animal or human that usually includes the brain, eyes, ears, nose, and mouth.

Head may also refer to:

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  • Head (watercraft), the toilet on a watercraft
  • Head (sail), the uppermost corner part of a sail
  • Head race or crew race, a time-trial rowing competition and related events called 'Head of the __ River'
  • Headsail, any sail set forward of the foremost mast



  • Cylinder head, a part of an internal combustion engine
  • Head (vessel), an end cap on a pressure vessel
  • Head unit, a component of an automobile or home stereo system
  • Hydraulic head, a specific measurement of water pressure
    • Pressure head, a term used in fluid mechanics to represent the internal energy of a fluid due to the pressure exerted on its container
    • Total dynamic head, the total equivalent height that a fluid is to be pumped, taking into account friction losses in the pipe
  • Recording head, the physical interface between a recording apparatus and a moving recording medium
  • Sprinkler head, a component of a fire sprinkler system


Other uses[edit]

  • Head (surname), a surname (and list of people with that name)
  • Beer head, a frothy emulsion at the top of a serving of beer
  • Head of radius, part of the forearm bone
  • Sydney Heads or simply The Heads, headlands that form the entrance to Sydney Harbour
  • Viscount Head, a title in the Peerage of the United Kingdom
  • Head baronets, two titles, one extinct in the Baronetage of England, the other extant in the Baronetage of the UK
  • Brian Welch (born 1970), American musician better known as Head
  • Head, the flat end of a barrel
  • Head, slang for oral sex
  • Heads, the obverse of a coin; as in "heads or tails"

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