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Helam is located in Northeast Israel
Coordinates: 33°3′4.32″N 35°29′59.63″E / 33.0512000°N 35.4998972°E / 33.0512000; 35.4998972Coordinates: 33°3′4.32″N 35°29′59.63″E / 33.0512000°N 35.4998972°E / 33.0512000; 35.4998972
Region poss. located ≈ 55 km (34 mi)[1]
Affiliation present-day Alma, Israel

Helam (Hebrew: חֵילָם‬,[2] ḥêlām;[1] meaning "stronghold", or "place of abundance"[3]) is a Hebrew Bible place name.[4][1] It may be associated with modern Alma, Israel, [5] about 55 km (34 mi) east of the Sea of Galilee.[1]

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