Hellboy Junior

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Hellboy Junior
Trade Paperback Cover
Publication information
Publisher Dark Horse Comics
Format One-shot
Publication date October, 1997
October–November, 1999
Number of issues 1
Main character(s) Hellboy
Creative team
Letterer(s) John Costanza
Creator(s) Mike Mignola
Editor(s) Scott Allie
Collected editions
Hellboy Junior ISBN 978-1-56971-862-9

Hellboy Junior is a one-shot and two-issue comic book mini-series published by American company Dark Horse Comics. Written and drawn by Bill Wray, Mike Mignola and others, it features a younger version of the fictional character Hellboy.

Publication history[edit]


Halloween Special[edit]

Hellboy Junior Halloween Special (October 15, 1997) featured a wrap-around cover by Bill Wray.[1][2]

Mignola won the 1998 "Best Writer/Artist: Drama" Eisner Award in part for his work on this one-shot.

Title Creators
Maggots, Maggots, Everywhere Story & Art: Bill Wray
A hell ridden Hellboy Jr. becomes bored of his all maggot diet and is encouraged by Adolf Hitler to go to the surface to hunt.
Wheezy The Sick Little Witch
After a sick Wheezy Witch spread her plague germs to all her forest friends she turns to Jasper the friendly ghost for a cure.
The Ginger-Beef Boy
A barren Chinese couple name Jackie and Bruce Lee fashion a child from beef who comes alive and runs away from home.
The Creation of Hellboy Jr. Story & Art: Bill Wray & Mike Mignola
Bill and Mike battle it out dressed as their book creations in this behind the scenes look at the creative process.
Somnambo The Sleeping Giant Story & Art: Bill Wray
Eric the Unclean advises the people of Poobie Caca how to wake the sleeping guardian to protect them from rampaging trolls.
Hellboy Jr. Pinup Art: Kevin Nowlan
Full page pinup.
The Devil Don’t Smoke Story & Art: Mike Mignola & Bill Wray
Hellboy Jr. ascend to the mortal world to further his studies with an examination of man in this story based on German folklore.

Issue 1[edit]

Hellboy Junior issue 1 (October 20, 1999) with a wrap-around cover Bill Wray.[3][4]

Title Creators
Magical Mushroom Trip
Hellboy Jr. trades Idi Amin’s gold teeth a grow your own mushrooms kit that sends him on a psychedelic trip through hell with a beetle called Brad.
The Wolvertons
Alaskan lumberjack Sven Wolverton and Harriet his crash-landed alien wife watch over the twisted love lives of their deformed half-breed children Brad and Tiffany.
Hellboy Jr. Pinup Art: Glenn Barr
Full page pinup.
Huge Retarded Duck Pinup Art: Stephan DeStefano
Full page pinup.
Squid of Man
  • Story: Bill Wray
  • Art: Mike Mignola
Rogue ichthyologist Pr. Plankton Tidepool attempts to outwit Death when he breathes life into his creations squidman and lobster lady.

Issue 2[edit]

Hellboy Junior issue 2 (November 17, 1999) with cover by Hilary Barta.[5][6]

Title Creators
The House of Candy Pain
  • Story: Bill Wray
  • Art: Hilary Barta
Hellboy Jr. travel to the Forbidden Forest of Festible Dwellings with his demonic pal Donnie where he falls under a witch's spell.
Sparky Bear Story & Art: Bill Wray
Fire prevention mascot Sparky goes rogue after his marriage to a humane female breaks down and he loses his job.
Huge Retarded Duck
  • Story: Bill Wray
  • Art: Stephan DeStefano
Full page pinup.
Huge Retarded Duck Pinup Art: Stephan DeStefano
When Huge Retarded Duck runs away from home after a family argument he has a series of encounters that mean the tables are turned when he finally returns.
Hellboy Jr. Gets a Car Story & Art: Mike Mignola
When Hellboy Jr. test drives Duke Barbator’s new car for Gorgalac he finds himself getting into some serious trouble that could spell the end.

Collected editions[edit]

Hellboy Junior trade paperback (January 21, 2004) collects all the material from Hellboy Junior Halloween Special, Hellboy Junior #1 and Hellboy Junior #2 plus original material.[7][8]

  • Hellboy Jr. vs Hitler


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