Hellgate Rollergirls

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Hellgate Rollergirls
Metro area Missoula, Montana
Country United States
Founded 2009
Track type(s) Flat
Venue The Inferno
Org. type non-profit
Website http://hellgaterollergirls.com/

The Hellgate Rollergirls (HGRG) are a women's roller derby team based in Missoula, Montana.[1] They are a non-profit organization and compete in local and regional roller derby leagues, and adopted the name Hellgate Rollergirls.[2] The board of directors, all committee heads, members, and all skaters are volunteers[2]

The team was founded in 2009, and initial public meetings drew great interest. Over 80 attended a September 2009 meeting.[3] They began playing bouts in mid-2010.[4][5][6][7][8][9] Their first event was an exhibition held in August 2010.[10] League colors: red and black. Hellgate Roller Derby also has a junior league, the Hellgate Hellions, which welcomes girls ages 12-17 to participate.

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