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Vicar Henry Raikes (1782–1854) was Chancellor of the diocese of Chester. He was the son of Thomas Raikes, a London banker and merchant, and Charlotte Finch, daughter of Henry Finch, Earl of Winchelsea.

One of his three brothers was Thomas Raikes (the younger) (1777-1848), a London banker and merchant who later became a famous diarist and a dandy traveller on the Continent (mostly in France). One of his five sisters, Georgina Raikes, married Lord William FitzRoy, Admiral (1782-1857) on 9 August 1816.

Henry Raikes was the grandfather of Henry Cecil Raikes (1838 - 1891), a British Conservative politician and one of the earliest British politicians to have had their voice recorded. George Edward Gouraud recorded him on behalf of Thomas Edison on the evening of 5 October 1888. [1].

Archival collections[edit]

  • Archives of Vicar Henry Raikes, Chancellor of the diocese of Chester: correspondence (180 items).
  • Diary of a tour of Greece in the years 1805 & 1806.
    • Repository: Liverpool University: Special Collections and Archives. Other reference see Accessions to repositories 1963.
  • Letters to William Ewart Gladstone and others, 1807-1854.
    • Repository: British Library, Manuscript Collections. Other reference see Index of MSS, VIII, 1985.

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