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Hind Kesari is an Indian-style wrestling championship, established in 1958.[1] It is affiliated to INDIAN STYLE WRESTLING ASSOCIATION OF INDIA,, Generally known as (ISWAI) Having its head quarter in New Delhi..

It was established in 1958 and the first Hind Kesari winner was in 1959 at Hyderabad,, SHRIPATI KHANCHENALE, श्रीपती खंचनाळे जी. Shripati Khanchenale was born in Nasik city of Maharashtra.

For the first time ever in 2011, woman competitors were allowed in the event.


48th hind kesari wrestling SurliMaharashtraसतोंष वेताळ आबाhttp://www.loksatta.com/maharashtra-news/hind-kesari-to-santosh-vetal-of-karad-430012/

Hind Kesari Wrestling Finals
Year Championship Venue Winner Opponent References
1959 1st Hind Kesari wrestling Shripati Kanchnale Kolhapur, Maharashtra ,[2][3]
1960 2nd Hind Kesari wrestling Ganapatrao Andhalkar Kolhapur, Maharashtra ,[2][3]
1962 5th Hind Kesari wrestling Kanpur Bishambar Singh [4]
1964 7th Hind Kesari wrestling Maruti Mane Sangli, Maharashtra Mahiruddin Rajasthan [2]
1968 11th Hind Kesari wrestling Rohtak, Haryana Chandgi Ram Hissar, Haryana
1969 12th Hind Kesari wrestling Harishchandra Birajdar Latur, Maharashtra Dinanath Singh kolhapur [5]
1972 15th Hind Kesari wrestling Indore, Madhya Pradesh Chandgi Ram Hissar, Haryana
1975 37th Hind Kesari wrestling Chamba Mutnal Kolhapur, Maharashtra ,[2][3]
2001 Delhi Yudhvir Singh CISF Surender Nad CISF [6]
2003 37th Hind Kesari wrestling Vinod Chougule Kolhapur, Maharashtra ,[2][3]
2005 39th Hind Kesari wrestling Yogesh Dodke Pune, Maharashtra [7]
2010 44th Hind Kesari wrestling Aurangabad, Maharashtra Mausam Khatri Sonipat district, Haryana Narender Delhi [8][9]
2012 46th Hind Kesari wrestling Kolhapur, Maharashtra Yudhavir Indian Army Rohit Patel Madhya Pradesh [10]
2013 47th Hind Kesari wrestling Bhivani, Haryana Amol Barate Pune, Maharashtra Sonu Air Force wrestler [7]
2017 50th Hind Kesari wrestling Pune, Maharashtra Sumit Kumar railways haryana Abhijeet katke pune Maharashtra [11]
  • Other notable winners Nana Yadav, Rajiv Tomar, Rohit Patel


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2016 hind kesri wrestling championship was held in gurgaon haryana and this title(Hind Kesri, 2016) won by Mausam Khatri..a delhi based wrestler.