His Hero Is Gone

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His Hero Is Gone
Origin Memphis, Tennessee, United States
Genres Crust punk, sludge metal
Years active 1995–1999
Labels Pranl, The Great American Steak Religion
Associated acts Tragedy, Severed Head of State, Union of Uranus, Deathreat, Warcry, Man with Gun Lives Here, FaceDown, Copout
Past members
  • Todd Burdette
  • Carl Auge
  • Paul Burdette
  • Yannick Lorrain
  • Pat Davis

His Hero Is Gone was an influential American crust punk band from Memphis, Tennessee.[1] Formed in 1995 from members of Copout, Man With Gun Lives Here, and FaceDown, they disbanded in 1999, playing their last show in Memphis.[2] They toured the U.S. extensively several times, as well as Europe and Japan.


His Hero Is Gone released a total of 6 records. Simultaneously or afterwards band members played in the bands Deathreat, Severed Head of State, Call The Police, Dimlaia, Warcry, Union of Uranus and more. Todd Burdette, Paul Burdette, and Yannick Lorrain went on to form the hardcore punk band Tragedy.[1] His Hero is Gone was characterized by heavily distorted "thick sounding" guitars and lyrics featuring social commentary, including anti-consumerism.[3] The band and related projects have remained under the radar of a mainstream audience by not promoting themselves via tools of mass communication such as websites or larger music labels.


  • Todd Burdette — guitar, vocals - Also of Tragedy, Deathreat, Severed Head of State and Warcry, Formerly of Copout and Call The Police
  • Carl Auge — bass, vocals - Also of Drain the Sky and formerly of Man With Gun Lives Here, Sob Story, Dimlaia, I Love a Parade
  • Paul Burdette — drums - Also of Tragedy, Deathreat and Criminal Damage, Formerly of Face Down and Call The Police
  • Yannick Lorrain — guitar - Also of Tragedy, formerly of Union of Uranus
  • Pat Davis — guitar, vocals - Also of Hellthrasher and formerly of Sob Story


  • Medicine of Thieves (1995) Cassette Demo on Partners on Crime
  • The Dead of Night in Eight Movements (1996) 7" EP on Prank Records
  • Fifteen Counts of Arson LP (1996) on Prank Records
  • Monuments to Thieves LP (1997) on Prank Records
  • Split E.P. 12" with Union Of Uranus (1998) on The Great American Steak Religion
  • Fools Gold 7" (1998) on The Great American Steak Religion
  • Fools Gold 7" (1998) European Pressing on Coalition Records
  • The Plot Sickens LP (1998) on The Great American Steak Religion
  • "Skinfeast" Track on Complacency compilation 7" (1997) on Tuttle Records
  • "Disinformation Age" track on Cry Of Soul 7" Compilation (1998) on Crow Records, Japan
  • "T-Minus Zero" Track on Fiesta Comes Alive compilation LP (1998) on Slap A Ham


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