Hitler Didi

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Hitler Didi
Hitler Didi.jpg
Logo of Hitler Didi
Genre Indian soap opera
Written by Sanjay Kumar
Ila Bedi Datta
Malavika Asthana
Satyam K Tripathi
Directed by Mohit Jha &Vikram Ghai
Creative director(s) Bunty P Sahani, Manish Mistry
Starring Rati Pandey
Sumit Vats
Opening theme Instrumental By Sunidhi Chauhan
Country of origin India
Original language(s) Hindi
No. of seasons 01
No. of episodes 448
Producer(s) Rohit Vaid
Ila Bedi Dutta
Location(s) Delhi
Camera setup Multi-camera
Running time Approx. 21 minutes
Original channel Zee TV
Picture format 576i (SDTV)
Original release 7 November 2011 – 2 August 2013.
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Hitler Didi (English: literally Hitler Sister but figuratively Auntie Hitler[1]) is a daily Indian soap opera that aired on Zee TV. It premiered on 7 November 2011. The story is located in the backdrop of Delhi. It airs in Pakistan on Express Entertainment. It also airs in Persian on Gem Bollywood as same name Hitler Didi.

The title of the show has been called "disturbing" by the Anti-Defamation League.[2]


Hitler Didi follows Indira Sharma (Rati Pandey) and Chandni Chowk and how a young woman faces off the racism, discrimination and problems by society in a defensive manner. It also dramatises a love story bwtween Indra and Rishi/Ricky in a real simultaneos way. After hitting a ratings slump in August 2012, the show did a time leap.[3] In June 2013, the story lines shifted again to follow the character Indira with her in-laws.[4]

Plot summary[edit]

Hitler Didi follows the story of Indira Sharma (Rati Pandey) who is an independent woman earning for the welfare of her family. She is the only to be earning in the family despite having her father Inder Sharma (Rituraj Singh) who had an extra marital affair years ago with another woman Jhumpa(Shabnam Sayed) and married her living with her. Indira also has an older brother Munna (Sandeep Baswana) who doesn't earn despite having a son and wife Sunaina. Indira is the only strongest pole in her family. Despite this she faces taunts and discrimination within her own family which makes her seem to be a strict woman from outside known as Hitler Didi in Chandni Chowk. Everyone is scared of her. Then enters Rishi kumar (Sumit Vats), who comes in a search for a place to stay on rent. He gets to stay at Sharma Nivas and gets to know Indira. He helps her many times, and they both gradually fall in love and get married despite the denial of her mother.

Rishi gets kidnapped on the day he was supposed to marry Indira in court. Everyone taunts Indira that Rishi left her as she is strict and grumpy. Soon Indira comes to know that Rishi has been kidnapped. After many hard days, she finally gets to know about the kidnapper, which happens to be another of her brother Vidit (Kapil Soni) who pretended to be still paralysed from the US. He reveals that he hates Indira for she sent him abroad to work and earn for the family, where he had to lead on a wrong path. He then gets caught by the police. Inder Sharma tries to sell Sharma Nivad but Indira once again manages to save her house with Rishi. They kick Inder out the house.

Then enters, Indira's aunt Dulari Bua who comes to take her brother's Inder revenge and rule the house. She compels Indira to leave the house with Rishi. Luckily, they get to stay on the terrace room where her grandmother used to stay. Indira could see everything getting ruined in front of her eyes. Soon she manages to reveal the truth about Dulari bua and Inder to everyone.

Everything keeps on going well until Indira learns that she has got brain tumor and has only 30 days to live. She tries to change everyone's lives in 30 days. She daily buys lottery. She searches another bride for Rishi. Soon Rishi comes to know about her cancer. Indira wants Rishi to marry her college friend (Aasiya Kazi. Mandira gets married. On Rishi and Shweta 's marriage , Indira falls ill and goes into coma. She reveals through a cd to rishi that she is pregnant. Shweta knew this but kept quiet. This creates a rift between Shweta and Rishi. Indira dies, and her daughter takes birth through surrogacy of Shweta. They name Indira's daughter Indu (Shruti Bisht). They keep the identity of Indira secret to Indu.

The show takes a leap of 8 years and shifts to Zara Malik Khan (Rati Pandey) , a police officer in Mumbai who is a look alike of Indira. Indu meets Zara in mumbai after a series of event. Rishi soons meet with Zara and thinks she is Indira. Zara comes to stay in Sharma Nivas to detect a plan of terrorists. Rishi and Zara soon fall in love. Indu keeps on making research to know if Zara is her mother.

Indu bumps into her real mother , Indira who has become mad. Indu brings her home. Zara starts to get jealous of Indira and wants Rishi for herself. She starts plotting against Indira to kill her. She soon makes a plan to kill Indira and Indu as Indu is also trying hard to make Rishi becomes close to Indira. Zara is shocked to see both Indira and Indu safe and she becomes mad and is sent to the mental asylum. Indira is cured but doesn't remember anything and keeps on searching for someone 'Saheb'. A man comes with her daughter claiming that Indira is her wife (begum) and Indira also says the same thing. Rishi tries hard to make Indira gain her memory but in vain. Indira along with her Saheb and daughter sets to leave for her country. She gains her memory at the railway station through the help of Indu. Saheb leaves with her daughter. Rishi and Indira are united.

Once again, Chandni Chowk is happy to have their Hitler Didi back along with their Choti Hitler Indu.


Former cast
Supporting cast
  • Pankaj Vishnu as Kulbhushan Diwan Chandela
  • Garima Bhardwaj as Nanda Kulbhushan Diwan Chandela
  • Rituraj Singh as Kala Diwan Chandela
  • Jhanvi Sangwan as Jwaladevi Diwan Chandela
  • Sunita Rajwar as Jamuna Dhai
  • Saurabh Yadav as Saurabh Sumer


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