Honda MH01

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Role Experimental aircraft
Manufacturer Honda
Mississippi State University
Status Retired
Number built 1

The Honda MH01 is an experimental business jet developed by the Japanese company Honda, in cooperation with the Raspet Flight Research Laboratory of Mississippi State University.

Using the airframe of a Beechcraft Bonanza, Honda sought to incorporate composite materials into a metal aircraft, the first this had been done in a business aircraft. The goal was also to gain experience in aircraft design and construction.[1] Although at the time there was a twin engine with the engines above the wings (the VFW-Fokker 614), this arrangement used in the MH01 was unusual.[citation needed] The wings are slightly anhedral and the two engines are above them.[citation needed]

The prototype is currently in a museum in Japan.[citation needed][where?]

Its successor is the Honda MH02, a jet that uses the same configuration and uses exclusively composite materials.[citation needed]

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