Hong Dalson

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Hong Dalson
Hangul 홍달손
Hanja 洪達孫
Revised Romanization Hong Dalson
McCune–Reischauer Hong Talson
Courtesy name
Hangul 가칙
Hanja 可則
Revised Romanization Gachik
McCune–Reischauer Kach'ik
Posthumous name
Hangul 안무
Hanja 安武
Revised Romanization Anmu
McCune–Reischauer Anmu

General Hong Dalson(hangul:홍달손, hanja:洪達孫, 1415–72) was a Korean Joseon Dynasty politician and soldier. He served King Sejo,[1] and was viceprime minister of Joseon Dynastys from 1467 to 1472. His courtesy name was Gachik(가칙 可則). and his title was Grand duke of Namyang[2]


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