Hong Myong-hui

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Hong Myong-hui
1948.04.05 홍명희.jpg
Korean name
Revised Romanization Hong Myeong-hui
McCune–Reischauer Hong Myŏng-hŭi
Pen name
Revised Romanization Byeok-cho
McCune–Reischauer Pyŏk-ch'o

Hong Myong-hui or Hong Myung-hee (Hangul홍명희; Hanja洪命熹; July 3, 1888 – March 5, 1968) was a Korean novelist during the colonial period, and later a North Korean novelist.

He was born in Dongbu-ri, Goesan county, Chungcheongbuk-do, where he took part in the 3.1 Movement in 1919. In the 1920s, he served as an editor of the Donga Ilbo. After the Korean War, he occupied various important positions in North Korea.

He is buried in the Patriotic Martyrs' Cemetery in Hyongjesan-guyok, Pyongyang, North Korea. His grandson, Hong Sok-jung, is also a well known North Korean author.


  • Im Kkokjong (임꺽정) - based on the life of the Korean rebel Im Kkokjong (d.1562).

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