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Horsfieldia kingii habit
Scientific classification Edit this classification
Kingdom: Plantae
Clade: Tracheophytes
Clade: Angiosperms
Clade: Magnoliids
Order: Magnoliales
Family: Myristicaceae
Genus: Horsfieldia
Type species
Horsfieldia odorata

Horsfieldia is a genus of evergreen trees.[3] The genus consists of about 100 species and is distributed across South Asia, from India to the Philippines and Papua New Guinea.[3] Some species are used for timber.[4] Species in the genus sometimes contain alkaloids, including horsfiline, which has analgesic effects.[5]



Plants of the World Online currently (February 2024) includes:[6]

  1. Horsfieldia ampla Markgr.
  2. Horsfieldia ampliformis W.J.de Wilde
  3. Horsfieldia amplomontana W.J.de Wilde
  4. Horsfieldia amygdalina (Wall.) Warb.
  5. Horsfieldia androphora W.J.de Wilde
  6. Horsfieldia angularis W.J.de Wilde
  7. Horsfieldia ardisiifolia (A.DC.) Warb.
  8. Horsfieldia aruana (Blume) W.J.de Wilde
  9. Horsfieldia atjehensis W.J.de Wilde
  10. Horsfieldia australiana S.T.Blake
  11. Horsfieldia basifissa W.J.de Wilde
  12. Horsfieldia borneensis W.J.de Wilde
  13. Horsfieldia brachiata (King) Warb.
  14. Horsfieldia carnosa Warb.
  15. Horsfieldia clavata W.J.de Wilde
  16. Horsfieldia coriacea W.J.de Wilde
  17. Horsfieldia corrugata Foreman
  18. Horsfieldia coryandra W.J.de Wilde
  19. Horsfieldia costulata (Miq.) Warb.
  20. Horsfieldia crassifolia (Hook.f. & Thomson) Warb.
  21. Horsfieldia crux-melitensis Markgr.
  22. Horsfieldia decalvata W.J.de Wilde
  23. Horsfieldia discolor W.J.de Wilde
  24. Horsfieldia disticha W.J.de Wilde
  25. Horsfieldia elongata W.J.de Wilde
  26. Horsfieldia endertii W.J.de Wilde
  27. Horsfieldia flocculosa (King) Warb.
  28. Horsfieldia fragillima Airy Shaw
  29. Horsfieldia fulva (King) Warb.
  30. Horsfieldia glabra (Blume) Warb.
  31. Horsfieldia gracilis W.J.de Wilde
  32. Horsfieldia grandis (Hook.f.) Warb.
  33. Horsfieldia hellwigii (Warb.) Warb.
  34. Horsfieldia hirtiflora W.J.de Wilde
  35. Horsfieldia inflexa W.J.de Wilde
  36. Horsfieldia iriana W.J.de Wilde
  37. Horsfieldia irya (Gaertn.) Warb.
  38. Horsfieldia iryaghedhi (Gaertn.) Warb.
  39. Horsfieldia kingii (Hook.f.) Warb.
  40. Horsfieldia laevigata (Blume) Warb.
  41. Horsfieldia lancifolia W.J.de Wilde
  42. Horsfieldia laticostata (J.Sinclair) W.J.de Wilde
  43. Horsfieldia leptantha W.J.de Wilde
  44. Horsfieldia longiflora W.J.de Wilde
  45. Horsfieldia macilenta W.J.de Wilde
  46. Horsfieldia macrothyrsa (Miq.) Warb.
  47. Horsfieldia majuscula (King) Warb.
  48. Horsfieldia micrantha W.J.de Wilde
  49. Horsfieldia moluccana W.J.de Wilde
  50. Horsfieldia montana Airy Shaw
  51. Horsfieldia motleyi Warb.
  52. Horsfieldia nervosa W.J.de Wilde
  53. Horsfieldia obscura W.J.de Wilde
  54. Horsfieldia obscurinervia Merr.
  55. Horsfieldia obtusa W.J.de Wilde
  56. Horsfieldia olens W.J.de Wilde
  57. Horsfieldia oligocarpa Warb.
  58. Horsfieldia oliviformis Warb.
  59. Horsfieldia pachycarpa A.C.Sm.
  60. Horsfieldia pachyrachis W.J.de Wilde
  61. Horsfieldia palauensis Kaneh.
  62. Horsfieldia pallidicaula W.J.de Wilde
  63. Horsfieldia parviflora (Roxb.) J.Sinclair
  64. Horsfieldia paucinervis Warb.
  65. Horsfieldia penangiana J.Sinclair
  66. Horsfieldia pilifera Markgr.
  67. Horsfieldia platantha W.J.de Wilde
  68. Horsfieldia polyspherula (Hook.f.) J.Sinclair
  69. Horsfieldia psilantha W.J.de Wilde
  70. Horsfieldia pulcherrima W.J.de Wilde
  71. Horsfieldia pulverulenta Warb.
  72. Horsfieldia punctata W.J.de Wilde
  73. Horsfieldia punctatifolia J.Sinclair
  74. Horsfieldia ralunensis Warb.
  75. Horsfieldia reticulata Warb.
  76. Horsfieldia ridleyana (King) Warb.
  77. Horsfieldia romblonensis W.J.de Wilde
  78. Horsfieldia rufolanata Airy Shaw
  79. Horsfieldia sabulosa J.Sinclair
  80. Horsfieldia samarensis W.J.de Wilde
  81. Horsfieldia schlechteri Warb.
  82. Horsfieldia sepikensis Markgr.
  83. Horsfieldia sessilifolia W.J.de Wilde
  84. Horsfieldia sinclairii W.J.de Wilde
  85. Horsfieldia smithii Warb.
  86. Horsfieldia sparsa W.J.de Wilde
  87. Horsfieldia spicata (Roxb.) J.Sinclair
  88. Horsfieldia splendida W.J.de Wilde
  89. Horsfieldia squamulosa W.J.de Wilde
  90. Horsfieldia sterilis W.J.de Wilde
  91. Horsfieldia subalpina J.Sinclair
  92. Horsfieldia subtilis (Miq.) Warb.
  93. Horsfieldia sucosa (King) Warb.
  94. Horsfieldia superba (Hook.f. & Thomson) Warb.
  95. Horsfieldia sylvestris (Houtt.) Warb.
  96. Horsfieldia talaudensis W.J.de Wilde
  97. Horsfieldia tenuifolia (J.Sinclair) W.J.de Wilde
  98. Horsfieldia tomentosa Warb.
  99. Horsfieldia triandra W.J.de Wilde
  100. Horsfieldia tristis W.J.de Wilde
  101. Horsfieldia tuberculata (K.Schum.) Warb.
  102. Horsfieldia urceolata W.J.de Wilde
  103. Horsfieldia valida (Miq.) Warb.
  104. Horsfieldia wallichii (Hook.f. & Thomson) Warb.
  105. Horsfieldia whitmorei J.Sinclair
  106. Horsfieldia xanthina Airy Shaw
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