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Hovyiat (Persian: برنامه هويت‎, "Identity") was a biweekly TV program on Iran's IRIB's Channel 1 in 1996. The program's objective was said to be "confrontation with western cultural invasion."[citation needed] The series targeted a broad range of Iranian intellectuals (secular as well as religious modernists), archeologists, artists, scientists and national leaders as Mohammad Mosaddeq.[citation needed]

It has been described by critics as part of an "ideological campaign" by the Ministry of Intelligence "to paint Westernized [Iranian] intellectuals and artists as unpatriotic, un-Islamic, a threat to Iran's national and religious identity,"[1] and which included the "chain murders" of Iranian intellectuals that also occurred during the 1990s.[1][2]

The show is said to have "specialized in naming intellectuals as `hired agents` of the Bahais, Zionists, Freemasons," and foreign powers.[2] A signature of the program was the morphing of an image of American Benjamin Franklin on the American hundred-dollar bill, "into the face of the Iranian intellectual under attack." [1]

One Iranian dissident, Faraj Sarkohi, was kidnapped by security officials after (amongst other things) publishing an article "critical" of `Hoviyyat.` He was "tortured to `make and remake` videotapes confessing to being a `foreign spy` and giving outrageous lies about his own and his colleagues' sex lives," before being released.[3]


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