How to Eat to Live

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How To Eat To Live is a series of two books published by Nation of Islam leader Elijah Muhammad in the 1960s, which are still in print.{ISBN 978-1884855160} The books cover his philosophies on healthy eating and the Black Muslims' prescribed diet.

Mr. Muhammad warns that eating several times a day excessively tasks our digestive system. Over time, we kill ourselves by never giving the body enough time to rest and revitalize itself. He advocates eating one meal a day, at most, and fasting each month "for whatever length of time you are able to go without food without harming yourself."

In Popular Culture[edit]

How to Eat to Live was shown in the Boondocks episode "The Itis" where Huey owns a copy of the book and uses its knowledge to disgust a waiter about the nature of the food he's serving when his grandfather opens a soul food restaurant serving food of highly questionable health qualities.

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