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The Most Reverend Howard Mowll, Archbishop of Sydney: Metropolitan of New South Wales

Howard West Kilvinton Mowll (1890–1958) was the Anglican Archbishop of Sydney from 1933 until his death in 1958.[1][2]

Mowll was born in Dover and attended Dover College until 1903 and later matriculated at the King's School, Canterbury.[3]

As a staunch evangelical, upon returning from the mission field of China, Mowll experienced early difficulties in a predominantly liberal church before rising to national prominence during the war years. In 1947 he was elected Primate of Australia.

One of his final achievements was the purchase of a 60 hectare property at Castle Hill on Sydney’s rural fringes on which the first retirement village in Australia was created in 1958 for missionaries returning from China. Today the site remains the flagship for Anglican Retirement Villages, Diocese of Sydney.


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