Hoy te vi

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Hoy te vi
Genre Telenovela
Created by Basilio Álvarez
Laura Bottome
Directed by Renato Gutiérrez
Starring Sandy Olivares
Chantal Baudaux
Opening theme Hoy te vi by Máximo Nivel
Country of origin Venezuela
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of episodes 122
Executive producer(s) Arsenia Rodrigues
Producer(s) Ana Vizoso González
Jaime Dos Reis
Production company(s) RCTV
Distributor RCTV International
Original network RCTV
Picture format 480i SDTV
Audio format Dolby Digital 5.1
Original release August 3, 1998 – January 26, 1999

Hoy te vi is a Venezuelan telenovela that was produced by Radio Caracas Televisión in 1998 based on a story written by Basilio Álvarez and Laura Bottome.[1] The telenovela was a youthful production focusing on adolescents and their concerns. This telenovela lasted 122 episodes and was distributed internationally by RCTV International.[2]


Nicolás, Iván, Ricardo, Napoleón and Gerardo are five teenagers searching for a dream that will change their lives forever. They form part of a musical band called Máximo Nivel, and this musical group is responsible for giving life to this story full adventures, love, joys and teenage madness.

The main protagonist of this youthful history is the music, on which the whole plot revolves, around music these five boys are building their dreams of being famous, challenging their families, contributing a noble cause or enjoying the Moment until life allows. Together with these five young people there are always five women who accompany them and give them their love and support and together they overcome all barriers and obstacles that make it difficult to reach their goal, sometimes suffering the consequences of disappointments until they discover That many times money is not the most important thing, but, on the contrary, good people always get better things than money .

Everyone struggles desperately to achieve success and fame, but the family's dismay, pain and interference will try to stop them, but finally with the help of an old friend who trusts them and will help them keep their secret safe they will get it. Which they have longed for so long. The incredible connection between all the young friends creates a wonderful bond of love , risk and adventure. From success to the failure of fame and its unexpected consequences, this is a story that speaks of passion , friendship, communication and improvement, but more than anything else is a story that talks about how to grow.[3][4]


  • Sandy Olivares as Nicolas Pereira Gomez
  • Chantal Baudaux as Jessica Linares Urdaneta
  • Alejandro Loynaz as Luis Guillermo Villanueva - Luis G.
  • Luis La Rosa as Ricardo Pereira Gomez
  • Concetta Lo Dolce as Andrea D'Ascoli Borsari [de Cuevas]
  • Nacho Huett as Ivan Jose Pereira Gómez
  • Ambar Diaz as Josefina 'Fefi' Serrano
  • Ramón Castro as Napoleón Serrano
  • Mirela Mendoza as Liliana Mungarrieta Henríquez
  • Hernan Diaz as Gerardo Arrieta
  • Natalia Romero as Teresa del Carmen 'Teresita' Robles
  • Damian Genovese as Jorge Cuevas Miquelarena
  • Betzabeth Duque as Tibisay Luna
  • Joel Borges as Daniel 'Danny' Ríos Vizcarrondo
  • Manuel Diquez as Himself
  • Jeronimo Gil as John William 'Johnny' Fuentes
  • Luis Daniel Gomez as Esteban
  • Hernan Mejia as Caliche
  • Ivan Tamayo as Augusto Linares Zavaleta
  • Rebeca Costoya as Catalina Urdaneta de Linares
  • Ernesto Balzi as Ivan Jose Pereira
  • Flor Elena González as Eva Gomez de Pereira
  • Miguel Alcantara as Atanasio Arrieta
  • Maria Cristina Lozada as Eusebia Robles y Palomar
  • Alejo Felipe as Benito Castro Carras - Sr. Casca
  • Hector Campobello as Mario D'Ascoli
  • Jose Felix Cardenas as Dr. Dumpiérrez
  • Jaime Urribarri as Christian
  • Andy Rodriguez as Jose 'Cheíto' Pereira Gómez
  • Yorman Gonzalez as Antonio 'Toñito' D'Ascoli Borsari
  • Karen Pita as Ninoska Linares Urdaneta
  • Andreina De Sousa as Karina Linares Urdaneta
  • Gisvel Ascanio as Isabella Gutierrez
  • Eduardo Gadea Perez as Grandfather Ivan Jose Pereira (spirit)
  • Sheyene Gerardi as Perla


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