Hucisko Oleskie

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Hucisko Oleskie, also known as Huta Oleska or Huta Olejska was a village near Huta Werchobuska on the road to Złoczów in Złoczów County, Tarnopol Voivodeship, before the Nazi German and Soviet invasions of Poland located in Second Polish Republic, now in Ukraine. The village was one of hundreds[citation needed] of sites of ethnic killings during the wave of massacres of Poles in Volhynia by the Ukrainian OUN-UPA death squads between 1942 and 1945.

In October 1944 and in December 1944 Christmas Eve raids, Zygmunt Konopka and Józef Gabinski were executed there. Polish villagers of Hucisko have been noted for harboring Jews trying to escape the Nazi German Holocaust.[1]


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Coordinates: 49°55′15″N 24°57′10″E / 49.92083°N 24.95278°E / 49.92083; 24.95278