Hwamyeong Station

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For other uses, see Hwamyeong Station (Busan Metro).
Hwamyeong Station
Korean name
Hangul 화명역
Revised Romanization Hwamyeongyeok
McCune–Reischauer Hwamyǒngyŏk
General information
Location Hwamyeong-dong, Buk District, Busan
South Korea
Coordinates 35°14′04″N 129°00′28″E / 35.234529°N 129.007644°E / 35.234529; 129.007644Coordinates: 35°14′04″N 129°00′28″E / 35.234529°N 129.007644°E / 35.234529; 129.007644
Operated by Korail
Line(s) Gyeongbu Line
Platforms 2
Tracks 3
Structure type Aboveground
Opened March 10, 1999

Hwamyeong Station is a train station in northern Busan, South Korea.

It was most recently rebuilt in 1999.

The train and subway stations are not connected directly.

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