Yeongdeungpo station

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Yeongdeungpo Station
Yeongdeungpo Station
Korean name
Revised RomanizationYeongdeungpo-yeok
General information
Location618-496 Yeongdeungpo-dong,
846 Gyeonginno,
Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul[1]
Operated byKorail
Line(s)     Line 1
Structure typeAboveground
Key dates
September 18, 1899
15 August, 1974 (Line 1)[2][1]
     Line 1 opened
Passengers(Daily) Based on Jan-Dec of 2012.
KR: 28,229[3]
Line 1: 113,606[4]
Preceding station   Seoul Metropolitan Subway   Following station
toward Soyosan
Line 1
toward Incheon or Sinchang
toward Yongsan
Line 1
Limited Service Only
toward Dongincheon
toward Yongsan
Line 1
Rapid (Gyeongbu Red)
toward Cheonan
Upwards only
Line 1
Rapid (Gyeongbu Green)
Only for Seoul Station
toward Cheonan
TerminusLine 1
Gwangmyeong Station Shuttle
toward Gwangmyeong
TerminusLine 1
Rapid (Gyeongbu Red-Byeongjeom)
toward Byeongjeom
toward Seoul
Sin Ansan Line
toward Jungang

Yeongdeungpo Station (Station 139) is a ground-level railway station in Seoul, South Korea. The station is located in Yeongdeungpo Dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, and is a stop on the Gyeongbu Line, Honam Line and Seoul Subway Line 1. The station is integrated into the Yeongdeungpo Lotte Department Store. Located in the station are Lotteria, Dunkin' Donuts, Krispy Kreme, and KFC.


Yeongdeungpo Station opened on September 18, 1899, as a stop on the Gyeongin Line. On April 1, 1936, trains on the Gyeongbu Line began calling here. The station's name was changed to "Namgyeongseong" (South Gyeongseong, Gyeongseong being the then name of Seoul), but it reverted to its current name on April 1, 1943, and on January 1, 1949, the station was given "Level 5" in its classification of importance. The station building was destroyed on June 30, 1950, five days after the beginning of the Korean War, and a new building was not completed until January 12, 1965. On February 1, 1968, the station was deemed to be of "Level 4" importance. Trains on the Seoul Subway began running through Yeongdeungpo on August 15, 1974. The station stopped handling freight on May 1, 2006.[1]


The first train on weekdays (not including national holidays) is at 5.04 a.m. northbound and 5.05 a.m. southbound, while the last is at 00.04 a.m. northbound and 00.24 a.m. southbound. Travel time from Yeongdeungpo to Seoul Station on Line 1 is 16 minutes, and travelling to Suwon takes 45 minutes, with trains to Incheon taking 53 minutes.


The following places may be accessed from the exits as listed below.


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Coordinates: 37°30′56″N 126°54′28″E / 37.51556°N 126.90778°E / 37.51556; 126.90778